“A person’s mental well-being is essential to having healthy relationships with oneself, one’s family and/or society.

We are Strategic, Motivated, Adaptable, Relevant and Trusting (SMART).  We commit to what works best for the client.  That also means we recruit and develop people who are committed to and know how to deliver quality care in an ever-changing healthcare movement.  Our licensed clinicians, professional counselors and Board certified psychiatrists provide the following services:

  •  Psychological Assessments and Evaluations

  • Personal Counseling Services

  • Clinical Group Therapy Sessions (JAMZessions©)

  • Psychiatric and Medication Management

  • Family Support and Prevention Services

  • Substance Abuse Outpatient

  • Juvenile Court and Reintegration Support

  • Youth and Adolescent Coaching


A person with unresolved behavioral issues and mental disorder(s) is less likely to succeed, regardless of the program or services being offered to them.  At ABS we provide the clinical and medical expertise and support so that the client can be successful in whatever program they are involved. Whether its school, a workforce development program, human services, or faith based organizations…WE CAN HELP!  When a client is referred to ABS, we can be trusted to provide the appropriate level of care so that the client can reach their personal best, and your agency…better outcomes. 

ABS’s Evidenced Based Assessments measure the severity of our client’s mental health, cognitive behavioral, and/or substance abuse challenges.  Using our proprietary algorithm-driven system we monitor the client’s progress during treatment, which provides us with critical clinical outcomes in order to determine the success or need to adjust treatment interventions.  You can rely on ABS to help: 

  • Identify the level of services needed
  • Identify undetected risks, such as depression, anxiety and/or substance abuse
  • Quantifiably measures the effectiveness of treatment
  • Measure improvement in client well-being and workforce employability

The ABS approach reaches beyond traditional care management to support clients that require behavioral health services. Our clinical models are uniquely tiered to help ensure people with acute and chronic conditions receive the appropriate treatments and interventions needed for recovery.

ABS also works with families, social service agencies, faith based organizations and community resources to provide a full range of behavioral health and support services. Our approach helps decrease inpatient/residential care admissions, unnecessary emergency room visits, and recidivism.

“Do you know that 70% of African Americans believe depression is not a health problem”. Depression disproportionately affects the Black community and new research may suggest that Black men are particularly vulnerable to the disorder and suicide.


Adaptive Behavioral Services, Inc. does not discriminate in the delivery of services, and referrals of clients shall be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin (including limited English proficiency), age, sex, or sexual orientation.