Therapy Services

Family Therapy

In today’s society and in specifically in black culture the word family comes in many forms…and we accept that. ABS knows that families can only heal from the inside out. Our clinicians create the clinical environment necessary to restore families, relationships, and even friendships.

Personal (Individual) Therapy

At ABS we believe that everyone from time-to-time needs to have a personal therapist, and we take pride and care in connecting with the client one-on-one. Whether it’s in our offices, the client’s home, or in school, as long as the setting fosters an environment where therapy is productive and the client feels safe.

Medication  Management

In situations where it is medically necessary and only in the best interest of the client, our board certified medical team will provide the client with proper diagnosis and medication to help the client achieve their highest level of productivity and wellness.

Diagnostic Evaluation

The first step in receiving care requires that the client is properly assessed and diagnosed.  At ABS our goal is to improve our clients ability to live a productive and healthy life. Therefore we consider all relevant factors in the client’s life, such as the client’s physical and emotional health, lifestyle, economic status, spirituality, education, and vocation. Undergoing a thorough evaluation allows us to deliver the highest quality of care.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Our team of board certified doctors specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, addictive, and emotional disorders. We take special care when prescribing the use of medications and our goal is that over time, the client will reduce their dependency for medications if they actively participate in group, family or personal counseling.