Offender Counseling

Counseling for Offenders 

At ABS we recognize that both adult and juvenile offenders often times have trouble processing their thoughts and feelings. We believe that by actively participating in culturally relevant behavioral health counseling and treatment offenders stand a better chance of not repeating self-destructive behaviors that can result in being incarcerated and/or being placed on probation.

It is our goal to reduce the rate of recidivism with our clients and improve their chances of living a productive and meaningful life. We provide ongoing and open-ended weekly group or individual counseling sessions to any individual that is court mandated or self referred to undergo psychological counseling.

Cognitive Life Skills Counseling

 An 8-week program (1 time a week) to assist clients who are at risk for repeating negative and/or destructive behavior patterns. Each individual will complete an assessment to include goal setting, decision-making, value assessment and more.

Clinical Evaluation

Our clinicians conduct a thorough assessment utilizing various testing instruments,  historical background, and current information in order to provide the most accurate treatment recommendations possible.

Parent Management Training

PMTO is a family-based intervention that teaches parents and care-givers effective strategies for managing a child’s behavior. It is designed to prevent and reduce behavior problems in children 6-12 years of age. PMTO attempts to enhance effective parenting and diminish coercive family processes. Our clinicians teach parents techniques for shaping behavior and socializing the child and they coach parents in the application of effective parenting skills.

Substance Abuse

 24, 36, or 48 sessions for individuals who are screened and identified for current substance abuse treatment. An evidenced-based curriculum and program design are utilized for each level of care assigned to each client, pre and post-assessments will be given to gauge the level of change and risk factors based on client feedback.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Our team of board certified doctors specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, addictive, and emotional disorders. We take special care when prescribing the use of medications and our goal is that over time, the client will reduce their dependency for medications if they actively participate in group, family or personal counseling.

Relapse Prevention

 A 16-20 week group for individuals who have completed a treatment program and/or are currently sober and needing to gain relapse prevention skills. Every client will complete a relapse prevention plan to assist them in future prevention initiatives.

DUI Alcohol Treatment

This is a group treatment specifically dealing with alcohol and DUI issues and education. We offer through screening and assessment to determine level of care recommended. The curriculum is an evidenced based community responsibility program.

(Felony) Domestic Violence Treatment

This is a 36 or 50-week program utilizing a clinically approved curriculum for domestic violence offenders with felony charges.

(Misdemeanor) Domestic Violence Treatment

This is a 26 or 32-weekly intervention utilizing evidenced based treatment curriculum for offenders. Each couple is interviewed and evaluated prior to starting treatment and complete a pretest domestic violence interview to prepare for outcome measures.

Anger Management

Anger Management is a 10 or 16-week session (1 time per week) to deal with identification as well as management of emotions and cognitive behaviors.  Clients learn how to channel this emotion in a positive manner.

Electronic Monitoring Counseling

We can provide in-home counseling to a client who is sentenced to house arrest as an alternative to being physically confined to jail.



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